Video Verified Alarm systems work in much the same way as traditional alarm systems but use small video clips to verify that an actual incident has taken place. For example, an intruder breaks into a property and trips a Motion Viewer which then records a short video clip of the intruder. The video clip is then transmitted directly to our monitoring station for immediate review and dispatch if necessary to law enforcement. Police treat a video verified alarm as a crime in progress and respond with priority to the alarm. Faster police response leads to more arrests and reduced losses.

Video Verified Alarm systems have both indoor and outdoor sensors so you can verify an intruder is on your property even before an attempt is made to break in. The entire system operates on batteries which last for around 2 years. Night illumination out to 30 feet. A range of up to 500 feet between the control panel and a Motion Viewer.

Video Verified Alarm systems can be used in many applications. Residential, Commercial, Construction sites and Remote sites.